2017 Song Videos:

KHAudio 4.3.3 now supports the new song videos as released for use starting Jan. 2017. It will automatically create a new folder called “New Song Videos” which is located in “/<boot volume>/Library/Application Support/KHAudio Tracks/”. Download all available MP4 video files in 720p resolution and copy them to a folder named for the language you selected. For example: all English language files would typically go into “/Macintosh HD/Library/Application Support/KHAudio Tracks/New Song Videos/English/”.

Then go KHAudio > Preferences > Video Settings and in the Year Text language column, make sure that the language is spelled the same and make sure that the checkbox “Use 2017 Songs” is selected. Then click Save in the top right of the Preferences window and restart KHAudio.

Lyrics for older songs:

In KHA > Preferences > Global Settings, click the Song Lyrics – Enabled button. The slider lets you specify what amount of time the slide has to show up before the words need to be sung. We find that the default setting of 0.6 seconds provides good timing but you can adjust it.

For lyrics to show up, you will need to have one or more languages specified under the Video Settings > Year Text > Language column. You also need to download the appropriate Lyrics zip file as needed for each language that you want to support. Unzip them (which leaves a folder with the language name like “English” or “Spanish”). Drag that folder into //Library/Application Support/KHAudio Tracks/Lyrics/.

During the meeting, selecting a language for the year text will also select which lyrics will show up when songs are played.

Here are some language packages with lyrics files for use with KHA/V systems. Expect these files to be updated in the coming time.

English: English-2016-12-05 (pre Jan 1 2017)

Spanish: Spanish 2017-03-14 (pre Jan 1 2017)

For those that want to author new lyrics language packages:

It is easy: download the appropriate RTF files from jw.org. Then open them and if it using Roman script, select all text and make it Helvetica Neue and 96 its. Make sure everything is aligned center. Then make sure line endings are following appropriate verse, timing or group boundaries. Also enter time tags on a newly inserted line like this: $[20.4] meaning show the next slide at 20.4 seconds (minus the offset applied to all timing tags as mentioned above). See the English lyrics for good examples. Other scripts as used for Chinese or Russian are fully supported. For those appropriate font sizes need to be selected as well. PLEASE sent any newly created language packages back to us for inclusion on our Lyrics page.

In KHA > Global Settings there is a new option Present Media on Main Screen specifically for persons that want to check their lyrics edits on their personal systems. It works as follows:

If you now have your media presented on the Main Screen (for authoring lyrics files and/or yeartext files or checking media) the following is new:
– the button << now resets the song to time 0.0 (if it is playing it pauses first)
– when paused, the button < will skip back to the previous mark and shows the related slide.
– when paused, the button > will skip forward to the next mark and shows the related slide.
– The Play button now lets you start the selected song (on the Main Panel), pause it or continue it at any point in the song. So you can skip back or forward and replay stuff.
– The LED shows green when the next tag is marked but yellow when the next tag is 0 or empty and needs to be marked with the Mark button.