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The world’s first Single Control System for every major working part of your home or building.

You have one brain and one nervous system that controls each of your body’s members. Toolip is the one brain and nervous system that unites and controls all of the major working members of your home or building.

Toolip can control:

  •     Doors and Gates
  •     Security
  •     Video Surveillance
  •     Interior and Exterior Lighting
  •     Heating and Air Conditioning
  •     Pool, Spa and Water Features
  •     Irrigation
  •     Audio and Video
  •     Energy and Appliance Management
  •     Solar and Fuel Cells
  •     Powerful User Management (Family, Guests and Service Personnel)

Toolip instantly responds to your commands whether you are in your building or on the other side of the world via WiFi or mobile data connections.

Toolip automatically runs your building like a real person watching over it constantly. Toolip manages things the way you tell it to, automatically conserving energy and water, maintaining your property and keeping it secure.

Toolip is so wonderful it must be seen to be truly understood.